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Triptych of a b&w photo of a log at the beach

Shores of lake Ontario, early April sunrise.This image available from 12 x18, and as large as you want, maybe 36 inches by 60 inches wide, even bigger. Lets print one whole wall, say 8 ft by 12ft. Dare to be different.
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Artwork Stretching

a montage of various stretched canvases

With printing on canvas, the next, natural step is stretching them, so they are ready to hang.
This we do for our own prints & artwork our clients bring in.

Anything on fabric can be stretched, we have done tapestries and t-shirts etc. Though most often we deal with prints, oil and acrylic paintings.

There are two widths of frames that are typically used 1.5″ “gallery” frames, are suitable for most pieces and recommended on larger ones. They have more presence than the 0.75″ “standard” stretchers, and are a good choice if you don’t plan on framing the piece down the road.
If you don’t have much space, or are considering framing a piece later, the “standard” frame is a good choice. It also requires less of a border around the image for wrapping*.

standard & gallery frame comparison

To get an idea about pricing, simply add the height and width of your piece and refer to the chart below.

Canvas Stretching Price List:

Height + Width Standard Frame Gallery Frame
18″ $17 $23
24″ $21 $30
30″ $25 $36
36″ $29 $43
42″ $33 $49
48″ $37 $56
54″ $41 $62
60″ $46 $69
66″ $50 $75
72″ $54 $82
78″ $58 $88
84″ $62 $95
90″ $66 $102


A note on borders:

For a neat, finished look, we recommend wrapping the border and stapling at the back. However, this is not always possible. if there is not enough of a border, a piece can be stapled at the sides with the option to “finish” it with fabric tape (at a small extra charge). The tape is not needed for pieces that will be framed.

diagram of stretcher frames and border wrapping options

Fine Art Printing



When we refer to fine art printing, it is a reference to the quality of materials and process used, not a restriction to what types of images we prefer to print. Homer Watson, or your two year old niece – both deserve our best attention to detail… prints

Giclée printing….

The printing process we use is called “Giclée” printing. Which is a fashionable expression for digital inkjet printing with archival media and pigment inks. Te resulting prints are often called “Giclées”.
We prefer EPSON inks and like many of their papers, but that is not to say it is the only thing we use or recommend, if you are looking for high end watercolour paper, Hahnemüle would be our pick.


Canvas & Company….

You have probably guessed by now, that canvas is our medium of preference, probably because of the versatility of finishes and textures available.
But we are just as happy to print on some of the exciting new media, such as silver or metallic coated papers, as well as some tried-and-true classics like watercolour.

If you have a custom project, please inquire early, so that we can source the right materials for you.


For more information about our printing services, please visit http://canvasprintshop.ca