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Triptych of a b&w photo of a log at the beach

Shores of lake Ontario, early April sunrise.This image available from 12 x18, and as large as you want, maybe 36 inches by 60 inches wide, even bigger. Lets print one whole wall, say 8 ft by 12ft. Dare to be different.
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See you in Port Credit!

Join us on April 8 & 9 at Arts on the Credit.

There will be our oldies but goodies, as well as new images and products.

Our line of city scapes “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters”, a new heart, triptyches and a new type of miniature print – framed in minimalist frames…

Call or email ahead for custom sizes and orders 🙂

Happy 2017!

Excuse our lack of correspondence, it has been a busy season. What with Art shows in and around Port Credit & Mississauga, photos with Santa etc, time was sparse to work on our web.

So today I took some time on working up a few samples of what one of my favourite prints, Heart of Fundy, would look like in different settings. I will eventually do this for all our prints, as it really puts them into perspective…

The heart was an actual stone I found during Low Tide at the beach of Hopewell Rocks New Brunswick.

Click on the images for larger versions.

The Heart, as well as our other prints, is available on Amazon.

Join us at the First United Church Marketplace

Next Weekend, we’ll be participating at the First United Church Marketplace in Port Credit/Mississauga.

Saturday, November 5th, 9:30 AM-2PM.
@ 151 Lakeshore Road West (close to Lakeshore & Mississauga Rd.)

4x6 miniature canvases coming to port credit november 5th 9:30-2 pm at first united church marketplace

We’ll be bringing a full complement of miniature canvas prints, some large pieces as well as our micro cards.
If you’re looking for anything specific – please drop us a line beforehand.

See you there!

Miniature Canvas Prints

4x6 Canvas "Caterpillar" with Lookslike-Box

One or our most popular products are the 4×6 miniature canvas prints. Done with the same high quality materials as our large fine art prints, these are sure to delight for a long time.

Door #2 (209)209-back

In the back of each canvas, you’ll find a card with its title and story….
Of course, they have a hook so they’re ready to hang. If you’d like to show it off on an easel – we can get you one too!


And yes, we print miniatures for “our” artists as well….
The above print being a (miniature) reproduction done for the Homer Watson House & Gallery in Kitchener, ON.

Our prints are printed, coated, cut & stretched by us, by hand (except the printing part 😉 ).
Here’s a small canvas being stretched:

A new Series of Cards…

And who said we were limited to photography?
a collection of whimsical geometric design announcement cards
Karin has been playing with the idea of publishing these designs for a while now – a few years in fact. They are based on the art of her grandfather, Chy, who had a great sense of humour, and did some very abstract geometric paintings, across scientific and social topics.
These are a little less abstract, a bit more whimsical, but an homage to the man who came up with the basic idea nonetheless…

Wait for more to come!


“The Wedding…”

abstract portrait of a wedding party

The “Get Well Soon!”-Series:

abstract image
abstract image

abstract image

“We’re Moving!”-Series:

Abstract image of a couple and dog moving in a car with parcels falling off the top.

Abstract image of family moving in a car with parcels falling off the top.


The weather outside these days has me remembering our stay in  Dyrotz, Germany. I can’t recall how cold the weather was, nor how much snow we had (I don’t think much) but home was always warm and welcoming after our hikes to the train station, into the city, or across the fields.

No, this wasn’t our house, a neighbours’ down the street. To me, looking at it, the appreciation of the contrast between the “cold” exterior, and the warmth behind the facade is just one of the remarkable aspects of this photograph.


A canvas print of "Home" hanging at Rustic and Restored in Waterdown.