About Us

In a nutshell, we produce canvas prints of our own photography as well as offering print services and reproducing artwork for local artists.

When we first started out with a small “gallery” at the St. Lawrence Market, we noticed how many people exclaimed “That Looks Like…” when encountering one of our photographs of Canadian landscapes, so the name stuck 🙂

These days, we have a few retail locations in the GTA who carry our prints and cards. We offer our prints on amazon, and do art shows…

We are a team of two; Ian is the photographer and sales person, Karin does printing and framing.
Actually, there is a third member of the team – Goofy is our muse and taskmaster. He is literally behind most of our photographs:
Ian and goofy taking a photograph at the beach
Below you’ll find a few more in-depth articles about who we are, what we do etc…